A Spring Morning

I recently took part in a 6 week online workshop with ICM Photo Mag where I worked to produce a set of images using a prompt as a start point.  I've combined poetry with my photography work in previous projects and with my love of nature and the outdoors, so it was an easy choice for me.  I chose a poem by John Clare called A Spring Morning.  

Poem - A Spring Morning

My final work can also be seen on the ICM Photo Mag website - Click Here

A Spring Morning

The Spring comes in with all her hues and smells,

In freshness breathing over hills and dells;

O’er woods where May her gorgeous drapery flings,

And meads washed fragrant by their laughing springs.

Fresh are new opened flowers, untouched and free

From the bold rifling of the amorous bee.

The happy time of singing birds is come,

And Love’s lone pilgrimage now finds a home;

Among the mossy oaks now coos the dove,

And the hoarse crow finds softer notes for love.

The foxes play around their dens, and bark

In joy’s excess, ‘mid woodland shadows dark.

The flowers join lips below; the leaves above;

And every sound that meets the ear is Love.


John Clare (1793 – 1864)