• Tracy

Walking Meditation

A cold and chilly walk today. I decided to use my phone camera today as I just wanted a quiet walk in the snow without thinking about camera settings and kit. Plus it was a lunchtime walk before getting back to some work. I easily lose track of time when I'm out with my Canon. It's like I enter into another timezone and before I know it an hour has flown by.

I have good intentions of getting an app open and starting some meditation on the sofa but it doesn't always work. I can still be tempted to wander off and do something else I've been meaning to do in the house and totally undo anything I'd started. Sometimes I find that just getting out for a walk is a good enough meditation session rather sitting indoors and trying to force my mind to stop.

Whilst I was out I couldn't resist a little abstract snow work. I've been experimenting with an app called Slow Shutter. I'd much rather be using my Canon but sometimes my phone gives me less to think about when I'm using it as a mindful session. I'll share more about the app in the coming weeks.

Me and my Dubarrys will travel! Great boots for this time of year and they have been work horses for me for years.

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