• Tracy

Keep Calm & Carry on Walking

A bright and beautiful walk today. Getting out of the house can make all the difference. It might have been icy cold but it was a welcome change of scenery from looking at the same four walls in the house. The sky was gloriously blue and the clouds sweeping through like candy floss. The ground was crunchy and the air fresh.

There was a lot for the senses to take in. Walking through the woods there was an odd squirrel scuttling about and birds singing in the trees. I love how the Robin stands out in the snow with its fluffy red breast. Robin didn't stop by for long as it was off in search of more food no doubt. The woods still had a fair coverage of snow on the ground and trees.

The flooded areas of the field edges have frozen over with such beautiful patterns and shapes. Nature's beauty at its best. There is always something to take photographs of so get yourself outdoors and get snapping!

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