• Tracy

My New Website is Live!

I started out 2020 with many targets and aims and found that they quickly went by the way side as the pandemic unfolded in March. I spent hours thinking about what I should be doing but not really managing it. Around November time I got a grip of myself and decided to use the lockdown time to good use (yes, it did take me a while!) We've got to find some positives in all the chaos, right? I figured now would be the best time for a mass overhaul of my site and move content providers to give me what I really needed. It has allowed me to produce some better blog content too. It gives me another outlet which compliments my journalling.

Anyone who visited my site before will hopefully see the improvement with what I've put together. Sometimes it takes a while to get to where you want to be but the key is to never give up. I'm very much the tortoise and as the moral goes, "slow and steady wins the race".

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