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My Morning Time

I've been pretty bad a setting time aside to do my blog and I've allowed other things to eat into my time. I've allowed my boundaries to fall. Normally I would have beaten myself up about it and let the boundaries remain collapsed on the floor and get trampled on, but not this time. I'm starting with small steps. I'm not looking for a quick fix, a one time fix or a ridiculous long term goal, but small achievable steps that I'm hoping will allow for a more successful change.

So, this week, rather than logging onto my work computer immediately after having my first cup of the tea of the day, I'm out walking. Fresh air, fields and bird song. It's my first boundary going up! It's my time, my time that no one can take away from me. Sometimes I just take in the sounds on my walk and others I listen to podcasts. Feel Better Live More by Dr Chatterjee is a big favourite of mine. I can dip into a small bitesize podcast that he does or something longer if I want to listen for longer.

It's time that I'm getting benefit from and setting myself up for a better day. I'm not a tight ball of anxiety logging onto the day ahead, but someone in a more relaxed and reflective mood. I may well fall behind on some days but this blog will help me remember my feelings and thoughts on the day, and that will serve as a reminder.

I've also started daily journaling which isn't a long form diary of events but something that allows me to put my thoughts and feelings onto paper. Either to help process what's in my head or to capture my mood on a given day. I'm hoping that this exercise will act as a tool to help me along my boundary building journey. Small steps and small changes will help build something strong and lasting for the future.


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