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ICM Project

It's been a while since I've posted as I've been heads down in practice and reading for a new project. I've been looking for a way to develop my photography and at times this has been very frustrating but by stepping back and letting things flow, I think I'm onto something that works for me. I like to constantly push myself and see where I progress to and I like the way ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) photography takes my work into abstract art.

Over the last year I've taken advantage of many webinars and talks on various photography subjects, technics and creativity. They have all been of great benefit to my personal development. I've got lots of ideas to try and targets to aim for. Last year I decided that I'd absorb as much information from reading, webinars, training, zoom learning etc as possible so that I could put the COVID lockdown to some use. Every cloud! It's not the same as being outdoors but I would never have moved on my creative journey without this time.

I'm hoping that when we can all get back to being out and about again, that I will have moved my skills on and I can see what I can achieve out in the field. One of my aims is to do some freelance garden photography work and writing so I've set myself some targets for that too. I'm determined not to feel like I've wasted life's very precious time.

More to come...

Stay safe


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