• Tracy

New Orvis Bag!

I'm sure I'm not alone in the search for the right bag for the right type of photography! At least I hope I'm not!

I've a bag for Eventing photography, another for garden photography and a massive backpack which makes me feel like I'm carrying my entire house on my back.

A lot of times I like to travel light. I try to find the balance between having what I need on me versus not being totally weighed down that I can't move. I figured there had to be a compromise out there some where and that's when I discovered the Orvis Sling bag.

Now it is designed for fly fishing, which I dabbled in many years ago but never had the bag! It's got loads of pockets and is waterproof. I wasn't looking for something to get my camera and lenses in, but there is sufficient room for my mirrorless setup with a 24-105mm lens. The main purpose was to have somewhere to keep my lights, waterproof cover, reflector, keys etc and have the freedom to move about and jump from one spot to another. The benefit with this bag is you can easily swing around to the front to grab what you need and then carry on taking photos. There's a stabilising strap too so it doesn't get in the way when you are bending forward. The bag does have a handy bottle holder which I will make use of. It also has a fly drying patch on the top of the bag which I need to see if I can repurpose to attach some equipment to!

Whilst it's not classed as a photography bag, it certainly ticks the boxes for me and is a great asset to my kit. Sometimes it takes a bit of research and investigation to find the right gear and it's paid off for me this time.